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Por si no sabes ¿qué es lo que Sprout Social hace? déjame explicártelo tan rápido y como me sea posible.

Sprout Social es un CRM que te permitirá a ti o a tu compañía seguir las conversaciones en redes sociales, administrarlas, medirlas y tener un mejor control sobre ellas. No solo une en un mismo lugar a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Feedly y Google Plus si no que también conserva un historial de las conversaciones, lo que hace más fácil medirlas y obtener estadísticas de las mismas así como conocer más información demográfica y social de tus seguidores.


Estoy trabajando en una comparación entre Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer, HubSpot y otros, pero ese es otro tema.

Justo ahora, quiero enfocarme en escribir una carta a esta magnífica herramienta y como creo que sería difícil poner todo esto en un chat, me di a la tarea de escribirles por medio de una entrada de blog, así que pido disculpas por adelantado pues utilizaré el inglés que Dios me dió a entener:

To the Sprout Social team:

Last time that I iniciated a chat with Sprout Social sadly the operator close the conversation for unknown reasons, but like always do, I never give up.

So, the subject of my contact it is give to Sprout Social some suggestions that maybe they have to considered, no because I say so, absolutely not, they just are suggestions and in my personal perspective should help to provide better service and reports.

Historic email conversation.

When you select any comment on twitter you are able to see the entire conversation and email this, but once you done nothing reminders you if someone already had in the past. A historic marker to remember if a conversation had already sent to any email receipt will be so useful.

And also make this work for facebook conversations!



Linked In Pages

You knew that this one is coming! Yes, the serius CM use all the available tools for our work, so be able to post directly to any social network out there is essential.


Integrations and sharing

You do have great integrations like App.net and Feedly but as I mentioned before, the lack of LinkedIn Pages it force us to use (with all the honesty) better services to share like Buffer, So an integration to post directly to Buffer or ad this social network like another one will be great and will solve so many things. Come on! this is social networking and you can’t do everything.


And strongly recommends look at Zapier integrations too, it is the future!

Task count

You know guys, some of Us still have bosses :'( and time at time we need to report.

The report tool is great but there not show any metric about the opened taks or the closed ones. A simple count of how many tasks a user got and the individual time response time of an agent will be extremly useful.



In RSS Reader you only can read and share in order to publishing, but send an email of an article it also is useful.

That’s it!

And for now, that’s it! I apologize for my poor english, but I think you get the point. I hope you guys take this tips for your consideration.

If you guys already get this done or if it is my mistake, please let me know.

Greetings from Mexico City!

Jonathan Ortiz
[email protected]

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  1. Hi Jonathan! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your suggestions and letting us know how we could improve to better fit your workflow. To address each of your suggestions…

    Historic email conversation: Happy to suggest including an indicator after a conversation has been emailed to the rest of our team! We’d love to offer this feature for Facebook as well, but the current API doesn’t make that viable (especially with privacy settings).

    LinkedIn Pages: We’re currently working on this integration!

    Integrations and sharing: We hear you! We’re always keeping an eye on how businesses are using social media, where we can add value, and what’s viable. We plan to continue adding more networks (like LinkedIn company pages) as we go, with the same level of quality our customers expect!

    Task count: Got you covered! We offer this feature in our Team Report! http://sproutsocial.com/insights/introducing-team-report/

    Feeds: Will share the idea with our team.

    Thanks again!

    Brit Thompson
    Social Marketing Manager at Sprout Social

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